Woolavington Village Primary School

Local Governing Body

Governor Name Type of Governor Appointment made by Appointment Date Date stepped down Business and pecuniary interests 2015/2016 % attendance whilst in office 2016/2017 % attendance whilst in office
Ian Thomas Parent Parent Election 01-Jan-14 None 100% 66%
Natasha Bond Parent Parent Election 02-Mar-15 None 100% 100%
Sarah-Jane Foale Co-Opted Governing Body 01-Jan-14 None 100% 100%
Sian Teal Co-Opted Governing Body 01-Jan-14 None 86% 100%
Helen Angell Co-Opted Governing Body 09-Dec-15 06-Mar-17 Employed by Lloyds Bank, potential supplier to the academy 100% 66%
Mark Jackson Associate Governing Body 26-Jan-15 Employee of Woolavington Primary 100% 100%
Lindsay Gabriel Ex-officio Trust 29-Jun-16 Employee of CAT – Executive Headteacher at Priorswood, Wellesley Park Primary, Willowdown Academy and Woolavington Primary 100% 0%
Kailey Norris Staff Staff election 01-Sep-16 Employee of Woolavington N/A 33%
Nicky Edgar 07-Dec-16 Volunteer at Priorswood and proprietor of “The Old School House” B&B in Woolavington N/A 100%
Edward Barnes Trust Trust 08-Dec-15 21-Jun-16 None 75% N/A