Willow Brook Primary

Local Governing Body

Name Type of Governor Appointment made by Appointment Date Date stepped down Business and pecuniary interests 2015/2016 % attendance whilst in office 2016/2017 % attendance whilst in office
Jo Aldous Support staff Members of staff at the school 08-Nov-16 None N/A 100%
Lee Phillips Community Trust 02-Nov-16 Related to Chief Executive of Colchester BC; employee of EdisonLearning N/A 66%
Penny Cappleman Parent Parent 08-Nov-16 None N/A 100%
Helen Todd Community Trust 01-Jan-15 Associate of EdisonLearning 100% 100%
Joanne Newitt Headteacher Trust N/A Husband is CEO of Sea Horse Education LTD. Mrs Newitt is a Trustee of Child First (LDG) 100% 100%
Kate Morrissey Community Trust 01-Feb-15 None 100% 75%
Robert Chisnall Community Trust 01-Sep-14 Wife is school governor and employee 75% 100%
Mrs K Fitzgerald Community Trust 31-May-17 N/A 100%
Mrs L Moss Parent Parent 31-May-17 N/A 100%
Nicola Chisnall Teaching Staff Staff 18-Mar-17 Husband is school governor N/A 100%
Sam Lancaster Community Trust 01-Feb-15 30-Jan-17 Governor at Unity Academy 50% 50%
Sharon Finegold Community Trust 04-May-16 None 100% 100%
Lydia Wilson Teaching Staff Trust 18-Jun-15 14-Dec-16 None 75% 50%
Louise Harland Parent Trust 31-Jan-15 06-Oct-16 None 75% 0%
Alison Lincoln Support Staff Members of staff at the school 18-Jun-15 12-Sep-16 None 75% N/A