What people say about us

Special Relationships

Schools working with us have been keen to share with others the experience and impact of our work together.

The quotes represent a range of work with Primary, Secondary and Special schools and Local Authorities in a range of contexts and locations.

Work with this organisation is very different to that of others – the staff have displayed sharp insight and have come with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Our journey has been characterised by a strong willingness to drive change in a systemic way. It has also been centred on mutual trust and on the readiness of both parties to be open-minded regarding the direction of travel. Although the models may appear, at first glance, to be prescriptive, the partnership in practice develops to suit the individual needs of the school.

A really productive partnership that helped us establish an effective ethos with an emphasis on achievement and personal responsibility – an important building block in the construction of a cohesive and purposeful learning environment.

As a leadership team we wanted to work with a partner sensitive to the political climate, who took the time to know us rather than seeing us as someone to sell to. We wanted to work with professionals who can and have taught and who know that good planning and quality resourcing helps make learning and teaching in the classroom good day in and day out… they deliver on all of the above and more.

The coherent and sustained nature of the support provided is the key to the long-term improvements we are aiming for.

We have always valued the support and expertise of our advisors who have helped us to take the school from satisfactory to good. The focus has been very much centred on the progress of the child in terms of both their academic and social needs. The continuous tracking of individual pupils and families has helped us to ensure that no child or family has been missed.

The inspectors told us that the depth of the debate about improving learning and the way it is articulated here is exceptional. Their work with us has played a significant part in this achievement.

Our relationship has led to:

  • A steep increase in the percentage of lessons deemed good and outstanding
  • A strong awareness of individual student progress by means of a rigorous and effective data management programme which helps teachers to plan for the next steps in teaching and learning
  • A sharp and sustained rise in standards
  • A fertile learning environment based upon the Core Values and our Code of Conduct
  • Significantly improved links with parents as a result of three Termly Learning Conferences every year followed by regular dialogues with students and parents regarding learning needs