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Tim’s career in education started more than 25 years ago as a Physics and Technology teacher. In common with many of his peers, he was involved in the early development of ICT in schools and developed a strong reputation as a pioneer in the teaching of robotics and computer control technology.

This eventually took Tim out of the classroom and into a new career working for a leading educational ICT manufacturer, where he provided educational, technical and commercial expertise. Evidence from his work suggested that people often find innovation and change difficult and finding solutions to this problem has remained a key focus of his work ever since

In his time at EdisonLearning, Tim has led the company’s team of educationalists, worked on Academy and BSF programmes, and driven new areas of research and development, most notably into the operation of virtual and hybrid schools.

Tim is a member of the CBI’s Education and Children’s Services Panel, and is a regular contributor to written and social media in the education sphere.
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