Our Promises

Alone we can do
so little; together
we can do so much.

– Helen Keller

  • We commit to providing you with a great education, focused on the areas which will equip you with the skills you will need in your future adult life, not just the skills of literacy, numeracy and ICT, but also the personal, social and life long learning skills that are so important in the 21st century.
  • Beyond the core curriculum, you will be given opportunities to gain valuable qualifications in other academic and vocational subjects and follow the English Baccalaureate course if that is appropriate for you at secondary school.
  • You will be part of a learning community in which you are known and respected as an individual. Through a learning coach programme you will have a close working relationship with an adult who will be there to support and guide you throughout your time in school, and you’ll benefit from the experience of outstanding teachers.
  • School will be much more than just time in lessons. You will have the opportunity to engage in the arts, in sporting and community activities. We want you to leave school with passions and interests that you will continue to enjoy throughout your life.

It is what teachers think,
what teachers do, and what teachers are at the
level of the classroom that ultimately shapes the
kind of learning that
young people get.

– Andy Hargreaves and Michael Fullan

  • We will provide an environment for learning which treats your child as a valued individual. We will not allow any student to become ‘lost’ or ‘unknown’, but will ensure each student is part of a small Learning Community, working with teachers and support staff who know them, understand their capabilities, and are there to help them achieve.
  • We have the very highest aspirations for all our students and will provide the right guidance and advice to help them make wise decisions about their future at every step.
  • We will provide opportunities for your child to explore the arts, sport, the world of work and the environment and develop new passions and interests to support their future life.
  • We know that supportive parents are really important in helping their child to achieve their full potential, but it is not always easy to know what to do to help. We will help you in this process and provide accurate and timely information about your child’s learning to ensure you are able to play your part.
  • We will use our skills and experience to provide all students with the best possible access to employment, training and higher education.
  • We will work with our charitable partners to provide the best possible resources to support your child’s education.

In schools, there is an emphasis on doing things
right rather than doing the right things.

– Thomas Sergiovanni

  • Leading a school in the trust will not be a lonely task. As a collaborative trust member you will be part of a highly valued team of school leaders working together to implement our shared buy atomoxetine online vision, and you will be supported every step of the way by colleagues from EdisonLearning and other schools. You will also be a part of an international network of school leaders and school staff as part of the broader EdisonLearning family.
  • You will be at the forefront of educational practice and have the opportunity to establish yourself as a true innovator. Schools in the trust are unique, reflecting current research into learning and the characteristics of the best schools. You will play a critical role in realising this vision in the context of your school and your community.
  • We will use our skills and capabilities to provide the ‘back office’ services that you need to allow you to focus on your number one priority – the achievement of your students.
  • We will use our central systems and the input of our charitable partners to maximise the resources at your disposal for the benefit of students.
  • The school leadership team and colleagues across the school will be motivated and engaged as part of our broader professional community, and will be encouraged at every step to be the best possible leaders and teachers.
  • You have our commitment to the best of professional development in your school and across the Trust. We want schools in the Trust to be true learning organisations and professional development for all staff, whatever their role or experience, is vital to meeting that promise.

All human beings are born with unique gifts.
The healthy functioning of
our community depends on
its capacity to develop
each gift.

– Peter Senge

  • The school will seek, at all levels and in all possible ways, to be a member of, and a contributor to the local community, now and in the future. We will work with the community to develop and implement a Community Engagement Strategy, so that students, parents and the broader community understand how they can contribute.
  • We will provide extensive opportunities for existing governors, businesses and other community members to contribute to the development of the school, both as members of the academy governing body and through new routes as members of a wider trust.
  • We will implement and support a robust School Community Code based on the values of the school.
  • We will have high aspirations for all members of the school community and encourage all students to achieve their very best – for their own benefit and for the long-term good of their community.

Something magical happens
when you bring together
a group of people
from different disciplines
with a common purpose.

– Mark Stefik

  • True collaboration with a sponsor committed to working with communities and local authorities over the long-term.
  • A scalable offer able to accommodate single schools or complete networks or pyramids.
  • A commitment to play an active and contributory role across the broader community of schools