Priorswood Primary School

Local Governing Body

Name Type of Governor Appointment made by Appointment Date Date stepped down Business and pecuniary interests 2015/2016 % attendance whilst in office 2016/2017 % attendance whilst in office
Christine Pyke Trust Governor Trust 01-Sep-15 Occasional work for Somerset Centre for Integrated Learning 100% 100%
Jan Tanner Staff Governor Staff Body 29-Jun-15 Employee of Priorswood Primary 57% 100%
David Fielding Headteacher Automatic appointment 01-Apr-16 Employee of Priorswood 100% 100%
Mark Conway Parent Governor Parent Body 01-Apr-13 Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Adolescent Mental Health

Employed as Project Lead for Primary Mental Health Linkwork schools work (CAMHS); the project receives funding from the DFE; Priorswood is a member of the project and Mr Conway has oversight into how the funding is spent

Member of the PEVP Panel

71% 100%
Saffron Lee Parent Governor Parent Body 19-Nov-13 None 85% 100%
Sara Bright Community Governor Governing Body 19-Sep-13 Director of Bright Learning – Education Consultancy 57% 75%
Simon Mathews Community Governor Governing Body 16-Sep-15 None 100% 100%
Jordan Murphy Staff Governor Staff body 12-Oct-16 None N/A 100%
Lindsay Gabriel Associate Governor (Executive Headteacher) Staff body 25-Jan-17 Employee of CAT N/A 100%
James Wyatt Community Governor Governing body 25-Jan-17 Employee of Somerset County Council N/A 100%
Mike Knight Trust Governor Trust 01-Apr-13 31-Aug-16 None 85% N/A
Georgina Maclennan Staff Governor Staff body 10-Feb-16 31-Aug-16 Employee of Priorswood 50% N/A
Maggie Coath Headteacher Automatic 01-Sep-15 31-Mar-16 Employee of Priorswood
Governor at Manor Court Primary
100% N/A