Wellesley Park Primary

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Students on the roll

The proportion of pupils known to be eligible for the pupil premium is below the national average.

Ofsted rating

Teaching is good because teachers establish a climate in which successful learning can happen.
Head of School

Mrs Sian Evans

About Wellesley Park

  • GenderMixed
  • Age range2 - 11
  • Number of pupils on roll367

Wellesley Park Primary is an above average sized primary school of 340 children set in beautiful landscaped grounds serving the town of Wellington, close to Taunton in Somerset. The proportion of pupils known to be eligible for the pupil premium is below the national average. There are very few pupils who speak English as an additional language and most of its pupils are White British.

The school provides registered childcare for children aged 2-4 years on site.

Wellesley Park received a long awaited visit from Ofsted in October 2015 and secured a very positive report – an incredible result considering it was less than three years since the school was placed in Special Measures. During that time the school has gone through a huge transformation – led strongly by LLE Lindsay Gabriel as Headteacher and her restructured leadership team.

HMI judged the school to be good across the board with Early Years coming very close to outstanding. The inspectors were keen to highlight that the “rich and interesting activities are making a strong contribution to pupils’ good learning” adding that “exciting learning experiences interest children and ensure their progress is rapid”.

The school meets the government’s current floor standard which sets the minimum expectations for pupils’ attainment and progress.

Opportunities for a full range of extra-curricular clubs and sports including fencing, karate and drama contribute well to pupils’ growth in self-confidence and development of life skills…pupils gain a broad range of experiences and flourish.

– Ofsted 2015

Our Governors

Name Type of Governor Appointment made by Appointment Date Date stepped down Business and pecuniary interests 2016/2017 % attendance whilst in office 2017/2018 % attendance whilst in office
June Anderson Support Staff Support staff Mar-14 Finance Officer at Wellesley Park 100% 50%
Fiona Doidge Teacher Teaching staff Sep-14 Employed as Teacher at Wellesley Park 56% 100%
Sian Evans Associate Trust May-16 Employee of Wellesley Park 56%  
Dave Farrow (Chair) Trust Trust 07-Feb-17 Wife works part-time at Wellesley Park as TA 100% 100%
Lindsay Gabriel Ex-officio (Headteacher) Trust 01-Sep-17 CAT Executive Headteacher    
Fiona Hopkins Trust Trust Sep-15 None 100% 100%
Hilary Kimber Parent Parents Dec-15 Husband runs Wellesley Park’s Forest School 78% 50%
Elisa Langley Parent Parents 28-Apr-17 100% 100%
Joanne McLellan Parent Parents Dec-15 None 67% 100%
Dean McSweeney
(Vice Chair)
Community Governing Body Jan-16 None 89% 100%
Sian Evans Ex-Officio (Head of School) Trust May-16 01-Sep-17 Head of School at Wellesley Park N/A  
Lindsay Gabriel Associate (Executive Headteacher) Trust May-16 01-Sep-17 Executive Principal of Priorswood Primary and Wellesley Park Primary N/A  
Caragh Colegate Community Governing Body 07-Feb-17 12-Jul-17 None 83% N/A
Jenny Owens Trust Trust Dec-15 23-Mar-17 None 83% N/A

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