Manor Court Community Primary

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Students on the roll

Manor Court is a large community primary school serving the south and west of Chard.

Ofsted rating

The school has improved over the last two years. Pupils and parents report that behaviour and teaching have improved during this time.

Mr Talmage

About Manor Court

  • GenderMixed
  • Age range4 - 11
  • Number of pupils on roll359

Manor Court is proud to be a member of The Collaborative Academies Trust; the School prides itself in living up to our ASPIRE values and it’s high expectations of every child and adult. At Manor Court we continually strive for the highest possible academic, social, physical and moral standards in a happy, caring and well organised learning environment.

From April 2017 the school has been led by Mr Luke Talmage, an experienced local Head Teacher and Somerset based LLE with a track record of rapid whole school improvement. Mr Talmage is proud to be a former pupil of Manor Court Primary School.

Pupils’ conduct around the school is good. Pupils are polite and courteous throughout the school day.

Relationships between staff and pupils are positive. Leaders’ implementation of the newly established behaviour policy has helped to create a calm atmosphere in classrooms which allows pupils to learn in a safe and happy environment.

– Ofsted 2017

Interim Executive Board

Name Type of Governor Appointment made by Appointment Date Date stepped down Business and pecuniary interests 2016/2017 % attendance whilst in office 2017/2018 % attendance whilst in office
Steve McShane Co-opted Trust 14-Nov-16 Employee of CAT 100% 100%
Matt Reed (Chair) Co-opted Trust 14-Nov-16 None 100% 100%
Luke Talmage Co-opted Trust 18-Apr-17 Employee of CAT 100% 100%
Simon Peck Co-opted Trust 14-Nov-16 10-Jul-17 Simon Peck Governance Consultancy
Chairman of Collaborative Academies Trust
Vice Chair of Governors at Countess Gytha Primary School
17% N/A
Andrew Gould Co-opted Trust 14-Nov-16 31-Mar-17 Employee of CAT 100% N/A

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