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A design for school improvement

The Five Strand Design is backed by all intellectual property developed by EdisonLearning. This is donated by the company for use by schools in the Trust, and is underpinned by an extensive range of resources and toolkits that have been proven to support effective and sustainable school improvement. The Five Strand Design is the basis on which schools and the Trust work together on an agreed plan in more detail and is underpinned by a set of core values.


Assessment for Learning

Pedagogy and Curriculum

The Learning Environment

Student and Family Support

Leadership Strand
Assessment for Learning
Pedagogy and Curriculum
The Learning Environment
Student and Family Support
Distributed leadership is evident throughout the school with clearly defined roles and responsibilities and effective delegation

School teams are designed around cohorts of learners and the team meeting cycle allows for dedicated time to plan for and respond to learners’ needs

School leaders have an accurate and detailed knowledge of the quality of teaching and learning, maintained by systematic and effective monitoring and evaluation of planning, teaching, pupil data and work scrutiny

Achievement is expressed in learner-friendly language, which enables teachers to share objectives and formative feedback, and learners to articulate their next steps in learning and share these with their parents and carers

Learners use self and peer assessment strategies effectively to reinforce their understanding of the next steps in their own learning

Achievement data for subgroups of learners is closely monitored by senior and middle leaders and drives changes to pedagogical practice

Using the Quality Framework for Learning and Teaching

All teachers regularly observe each other, share good practice and provide peer coaching to improve pedagogical understanding

All staff evaluate and develop their own and others’ practice based on a clear understanding of what constitutes good and outstanding teaching and learning

All school staff have a good understanding of the Core Learning Skills and are adept at embedding these in pedagogical methods and across the curriculum

The school has a fully embedded set of shared Core Values which are consistently reflected in the language, attitudes and behaviours of every member of the school community

Pupil Voice has high status, evident through a range of forums that provide democratic active partnership between students, staff and other stakeholders

Spaces are organised to effectively support a variety of learning needs and pedagogical approaches

Achievement Teams meet regularly to discuss, plan and review how they meet the needs of all learners

All learners have effective dialogues with a key adult who uses mentoring techniques to support their learning and help them to prepare for their Termly Learning Conferences

The school uses innovative approaches to engage families from all sections of the school community in order to improve learners’ achievements