At CAT, we believe in building learning communities where every individual is valued for what they can offer.

Our schools will recognise and nurture the unique nature of each of the pupils in their care. Together, we will enable them to make choices, benefit from opportunities and develop the strength of character and resilience to overcome any barriers in their way.

Our Academies will promote the development of strong personal values and international citizenship – as a learner and as an individual.

In so doing, we aim to help all the pupils and staff involved in CAT schools to develop a love of learning, achieve a range of successful outcomes,  build a lifelong interest in seeking new opportunities and a embed in all a willingness to help themselves and others find their place in the world.

Our work will:

  • ensure all our schools become at least ‘good’ with a demonstrable impact on progress, attainment and well-being for the children taught in them.
  • develop the range of skills, abilities, talents and interests of the children in our schools through our taught curriculum and extracurricular activity
  • ‘narrow the gap’ for all our children
  • develop the Trust into self-sustaining clusters that grow as part of a wider family of schools
  • foster true collaboration between schools and improve organisational capacity centrally, regionally and in our schools
  • develop our people so they can be exemplary in the roles they perform
  • encourage innovation