Manor Court Primary

Interim Executive Board

Name Type of Governor Appointment made by Appointment Date Date stepped down Business and pecuniary interests 2015/2016 % attendance whilst in office 2016/2017 % attendance whilst in office
Jason Baker Co-opted Trust 07-Mar-16 Chard Town Council, South Somerset District Council, Chard Area Youth Committee, Somerset WCSR Partnership, Chard Town Team 63%
Alan Clode Co-opted (staff member) Trust 07-Mar-16 Deputy Headtecher of Manor Court Primary 88%
Tricia O’Brien Co-opted Trust 07-Mar-16 Chard Area Committee 63%
Matt Reed (Chair) Co-opted Trust 07-Mar-16 None 100%
Elizabeth Wilson-Chalon Co-opted Trust 07-Mar-16 None 63%
Jo Boyland Co-opted Trust 12-Sep-16 None N/A
Claire Hepher Co-opted Trust 07-Mar-16 31-Aug-16 CAT Associate Achievement Advisor, Independent Education Consultant 25% N/A
Adrian Mitchell Co-opted Trust 07-Mar-16 31-Aug-16 Headteacher of Manor Court Primary 100% N/A
Adrian Mitchell Head Teacher Trust 01-Sep-13 06-Mar-16 Headteacher of Manor Court Primary 100% N/A
Brenda Steel Trust Trust 16-Dec-13 06-Mar-16 School Leadership Governance Advice, Support and training 100% N/A
Daniel Glentworth Teacher Teachers 01-Sep-13 06-Mar-16 Employee of Manor Court Primary
Aunt is employee of Manor Court Primary
50% N/A
Jason Baker Community 06-Oct-14 06-Mar-16 Publican/SSDC & Chard Town Councillor 50% N/A
Jude Addicott Community Local Governing Body 06-Oct-14 06-Mar-16 None 0% N/A
Louise Harris Parent Parents 01-Apr-13 06-Mar-16 None 50% N/A
Maggie Coath Deputy Head Trust 01-Apr-13 06-Mar-16 Headteacher of Priorswood Primary 50% N/A
Matthew Reed Trust Trust 01-Apr-13 06-Mar-16 None 100% N/A
Patricia O’Brien Community Local Governing Body 06-Oct-14 06-Mar-16 None 50% N/A
Terry Wright Trust Trust 01-Apr-13 06-Mar-16 Director Printing Company 100% N/A