Lumbertubs Primary

Local Governing Body

Name Type of Governor Appointment made by Appointment Date Date stepped down Business and pecuniary interests 2015/2016 % attendance whilst in office 2016/2017 % attendance whilst in office
Anne Partridge Trust Trust Sep-12 None 100% 100%
Ceri Cook Headteacher Employee of Lumbertubs Primary 100% 100%
Danielle Eddy Community Trust Jun-15 Employee of Kingsthorpe College 100% 100%
Dorcas Adusi Community Governing Body appointment Oct-14 None 17% 0%
Fadwa Mazeg Parent Election Sep-12 None 66% 100%
Louise Valentine Parent Election Oct-13 None 100% 100%
Peter Roberts Community Governing Body appointment Apr-15 None 66% 100%
Rebecca McGuffick Staff Staff Election Sep-12 Employee of Lumbertubs Primary 66% 0%
Rev Jenny Mills Trust Trust Mar-14 None 84% 100%
Scott Wade Trust Trust Sep-13 Employee of Kingsthorpe College 50% 100%
Sue Waller Co-opted Governing Body appointment Sep-12 – reappointed Sep-16 Employee of Lumbertubs Primary 100% 100%
Richard Hughes Parent Election Dec-15 Mar-16 None 100% N/A